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HOW-TO GUIDE: How to start using Naviextras Toolbox (connecting navigation device and logging in)?

 This Guide will help you get started in using Naviextras Toolbox by walking you through how to connect your navigation device to your PC and how to log in with your username and password.

After Naviextras Toolbox has been started, you will see the main page. Naviextras Toolbox will prompt you to connect your navigation device.

So the initial steps are:

1. Connect your navigation device to your PC.

2. Make sure your PC is connected to the internet.

3. After successful device connection, Naviextras Toolbox redirects you to the login page where you can log in.

Let's see them one by one:

1. Connect your navigation device to your PC.




If you have a PND (portable navigation device), in most cases you will also find a USB cable included in the box. Use this to connect your device to your PC.

Please note, that with some devices, the connection can only be established if the device is in Mass Storage mode. Please the user manual of your device for any instructions regarding this.

If you have a built-in navigation device, there are two methods for connection:

- If you received an SD card containing the navigation software when you purchased the unit, connect this card to your PC via cardreader.

- If the navigation is located in the internal memory of the head unit, a special tool might be required for successful connection. For this, please check this list. If a special connection method is needed, you will find information on this under your device model.

2. Make sure your PC is connected to the Internet.

Internet connection is required for Naviextras Toolbox to verify if any update is available for download, as well as for the download process itself.

3. After successful device connection, Naviextras Toolbox redirects you to the login page where you can log in.




If you already created a user account on Naviextras Toolbox, simply enter your username and password. If you do not have an account yet, you can create one by clicking “Create a user profile”. Of course, this username can be used to log in on the website as well.

Once you are successfully logged in, your name will be shown on the top of all Naviextras Toolbox screens.

When your device is successfully connected and Naviextras Toolbox finds it in the list of supported devices, the device name will appear at the top of the Naviextras Toolbox window.

(Please note that Naviextras Toolbox might give a slightly different device name than the one you may find on the packaging or in the product information. This does not affect the device functions or the installations of updates in any way.)

If Naviextras Toolbox recognizes the device and you are logged in, your device is automatically registered on You do not need to take any additional steps.

(Some navigation devices are capable of collecting strictly anonymous usage statistics and GPS logs. These logs can be used by the developers to improve the quality of maps and the navigation software. If your device can collect such information, Naviextras Toolbox will ask you to allow the upload of that information for anonymous processing.