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HOW-TO GUIDE: How to install free updates in Naviextras Toolbox? offers free updates for a wide range of devices. If you have been notified that you are eligible for such an update on your device, please follow the instructions below.

(Please note that the free updates are not available on the page, you can only find them in Naviextras Toolbox after successful login.)

If you are entitled to a free update, it will appear in Naviextras Toolbox under “Updates”. You simply need to click “Install”… and it will be installed onto your device. If you are entitled to free updates for a year, 3 years or more, make sure to return to Naviextras Toolbox regularly for the latest ones available. These will always appear under “Updates” as well.


Free updates


You can also reinstall free updates just like pay updates. For this, go to Advanced install wizard as these contents can be found there, too.

HOW-TO GUIDE: How to free up space?

Naviextras Toolbox allows you to select and install only the desired content from the purchased package - in case you do not wish to install the whole (because of the lack of free space).

In order to free up space go to “Updates”/”Device” -> “More” -> “Advanced” and do the following:

Only install those updates that you need at the moment. You can select which regions you wish to “Upgrade”, “Keep” or “Remove”. If you keep a region as it is, no updates will be performed on this region. If you remove a region, all previously installed updates and pre-installed files will be removed from this region.


Free updates


You can remove or update files one by one if you click on the “+” next to the region.

Please install only those maps and other extras that you need at the moment and remove what you do not need anymore.

Please do not remove pre-installed contents, as this may harm your device. (You can see this under the green bar of the update).

You will see the size increment information on the bottom of this window as soon as enough space has been freed up.

To make sure that no data gets lost, please create a backup Naviextras Toolbox before performing removal and installation.